Melissa Rowlston

Melissa is the founder and CEO of Maverick Marketing.

She is a journalist by training and loves technology. She heads up Maverick Print and Maverick Web.

Melissa designs and develops customised websites and e-commerce stores. Melissa’s specialty is Shopify. She develops unique themes, templates and solutions using the best CMS for a client’s needs. She also writes code for specialised apps and loves keeping up with the massive daily changes in technology. With the move to technology-based media, Melissa has truly found her niche and adapted her publishing, design and content generation skills to fit the online market.

Melissa also publishes custom magazines for a number of clients on a bi-monthly basis. She runs a team of writers, designers, photographers, editors and printers. Melissa also owns an online store, which she custom built and launched. Check it out at I Love Stuff

Before opening her own company she set up a publishing division at a leading PR company, and prior to that she was a journalist, designer and then managing editor for South Africa’s leading financial newspaper.

She has a Bachelor of Arts, Honours and Postgraduate degrees from the University of Witwatersrand.

She is an experience designer and proficient in Adobe Photoshop, In Design, Illustrator and Dreamweaver as well as QuarkXpress. Her front-end web skills include HTML5 and CSS3, and her back-end skills include PHP, Liquid, WordPress and Shopify. Melissa loves keeping up with technology trends and has strong marketing and social media skills.

Contact Melissa on 010 600 0540 or email her at