Online is growing fast, says South Africa’s first female Shopify Expert

Business Report Article June 7 2018

“In the US you can throw a stone in the air and someone is there to buy it, not so here,” says Melissa Rowlston, the founder of Maverick Marketing. “In South Africa, you need to make sure that all the conditions are perfect, so you can throw the perfect stone into the perfect hands.”

Maverick Marketing is a website design company specialising in e-commerce. Its founder, Melissa, was recently named as the first female Shopify Expert in South Africa. However, her path her has not been easy.

Melissa believes that South Africa is a complex online market but set for great growth. Locally, it accounts for 1% of the retail market, however, Paypal forecast that it will grow by about 123% this year to R53 billion. This, however, is tiny in comparison to global markets. According to the Centre for Retail Research and eMarketer and Internet Retailers, globally online retail accounts for 11% of all retail, with China leading the pack.

Melissa was the recipient of the 2018 Shopify Unite Fund held in Canada in May. While watching the Unite conference via livestream at their offices earlier this month, Shopify’s local partner’s, uAfrica, were so proud to see Melissa get a mention by Shopify COO Harley Finkelstein during the opening keynote presentation, they decided to chat to her about her dedication to Shopify and eCommerce in South Africa.

uAfrica’s Jenn Hattingh spoke to Melissa …

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