Top of My Priority List

Last week a friend of mine remarked that I was wearing a dress rather than my “uniform” (for uniform read active wear) and it got me thinking: why do I have to waste my precious time deciding what to wear – there is so much more going on!

I am in good company: Barack Obama only wears grey or blue suits; Mark Zukerburg, William Kentridge and Steve Jobs wear / wore the same iteration every day and even Albert Einstein wore several variations of the same suit.

Ok, my uniform could be something more glamorous, and if I do take to this notion, I will choose something more socially acceptable (that is, on the socially acceptable sliding scale that permits you to wear the same thing every day), and granted, I am female.

Yes, I care how I look and turning the occasional head feels great. But do I constantly have to look different to do this? Take the Oscars: the men all wear the same thing – and they all look great! Hell, if you are female, you are not allowed to wear the same dress twice, let alone wear the same dress as someone else.

So, if next week you see me in my active wear (even when I haven’t been to the gym) don’t judge me; know I have been doing something really interesting; know I am comfortable and know I have been spending my time making something really beautiful, and if you are a client it was probably for you.

PS – Yes, I am writing this in my active wear.

PPS – This video in no way serves to demean my message.