About Us

Maverick Marketing is a holistic marketing platform developerWe create websites, promotional material and videos for small and medium sized businesses.

Maverick Web specialises in website and e-commerce. Maverick Print specialises in custom publishing. Maverick Film specialises in video and film production.

The company comes together by leveraging all these platforms. We do video on web, print on web and video, and any other combination you can imagine.

We have designers, writers, editors, photographers, producers and content specialists who are able to combine all these skills into one or many solutions.

Maverick Marketing pride ourselves on being one of the only dedicated Shopify Experts in South Africa.

Melissa Rowlston

Head of Maverick Print & Maverick Web

Melissa is the founder and CEO of Maverick Marketing,
she heads up Maverick Print and Maverick Web.
She is a journalist by training and loves technology.

Contact Melissa at

Marc Rowlston

Head of Maverick Film

Marc is the co-owner and head of Maverick Films.
He is a creative artist with a keen eye for detail
and a true passion for making films.

Contact Marc at

What others say about us

Baruch Lurie
Melissa is a rockstar, detail orientated and extremely talented lady!
Nothing is too much and she will do whatever her customer needs or wants!
The compliments that I get for my website from people in oversees countries, such as the US and Europe is priceless, let alone the local compliments. Its a pleasure working with Melissa.
Baruch LurieCEO, Nussbaums
Justine Impey

Melissa built, designed, developed and launched a beautiful online store. Over the past five years it has been in business, she has perfected the subtleties of running the online shop. She has a massive wealth of knowledge when it comes to the design, development, logistics, planning and marketing in the e-commerce sphere. It is a pleasure to work with her.

Justine ImpeyInvestor, I Love Stuff
Joanne Botha

Melissa turned my website from something that had been an under-construction nightmare for more than six months, into a live site in almost 48 hours. She made the whole process of getting my website up-and-running completely seamless and stress free. Her journalistic background, combined with her love of fonts and an appreciation for design aesthetic means the site looks not only looks fantastic, but reads well too.

Joanne BothaOwner, Pillar 9
Leigh McCullough

What a great experience. I thought our e-eCommerce site would take months and months, however, Melissa had us up in running in no time. It is beautiful, easy to use and makes my life so simple. Who would have thought retailing could done at the touch of one button. Thanks!

Leigh McCulloughOwner, Scooters